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May 17, 2023

University of Milan Bicocca, in collaboration with Nuclear Instruments and CAEN, organized in May the first Sci-Compiler school. During the 2-days school, the students learned how to use the Sci-Compiler software to program the DT1260 digitizer board. Following the agenda of the school:

  • Introduction to digital pulse processing for Nuclear Physics
  • Algorithm implementation on FPGA
  • Introduction to Sci-Compiler
  • Sci-Compiler installation and configuration
  • Sci-Compiler basic usage
  • Implementing a discriminator using Sci-Compiler
  • Implementing a digitizer using Sci-Compiler
  • Counting particles using Sci-Compiler
  • Implementing a time tagging unit using Sci-Compiler with List readout
  • Implementation of charge integrator with Sci-Compiler
  • Calculate on-line energy spectrum using histograms in FPGA
  • Calculate off-line energy spectrum and time distribution using histograms in PC
  • Implementation of a coincidence unit using Sci-Compiler with List readout of in-coincidence events
  • Hierarchical design and sub-diagram
  • Simulation with Sci-Compiler

DAY 1 - Video

DAY 2 - Video