Frequently Asked Questions

The Sci-Compiler software you have purchased or wish to evaluate require a free MyCAEN+ account. The following help topics provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about Sci-Compiler requirements and features.

Which Open FPGA boards are supported by Sci-Compiler?

Sci-Compiler has been designed to generate code for some particular hardware platform designed by CAEN. Presently, SCI-Compiler PRO license supports the following CAEN products:

  • DT5495 – V2495 Programmable Logic Units
  • DT5550 DAQ System with User Programmable FPGA and sequencer
  • DT5550W Weeroc ASICs Development system
  • R5560 128-channel Open FPGA Digitizer with differential inputs
  • R5560SE 128-channel Open FPGA Digitizer with single-ended inputs
  • DT5560SE 32-channel Open FPGA Digitizer
  • 2740–2745 Digitizer Families

For an up-to-date list please refer to the Supported Hardware Page.

Is Sci-Compiler Windows 11 ready?

Yes, Sci-Compiler is Windows 11 ready.

System Requirements

Sci-Compiler requires:

  • Windows 10 or later.
  • NET framework version 4.0 or higher.
  • Optional Intel Quartus and/or Xilinx Vivado according to the compatibility matrix with hardware given below.

Can I request a trial license more than once?

30-D trials are granted only once per account and per PC. You cannot run a trial license on the same PC that has been already in use for that purpose in the past, even if you connect it to a different account. If that is your case, you can request a trial license for the first time with your account but you will need to run it on another PC.

Does Sci-Compiler compile the firmware on my PC?

Sci-Compiler Smart support the local compiler VIVADO starting from 2020.2 build. Sci-Compiler Pro require a VIVADO or Quartus license …

I bought Sci-Compiler Smart in the past. Can I get an upgrade discount?

If you already own a Sci-Compiler Smart license, then you are eligible for an upgrade discount. To claim the discount, send an email to with subject SMARTUPGRADE, and we will get back to you with the instructions.

What is Remote Customization Service?

Remote Customization Service (RCS) is a CAEN service where the user could use Sci-Compiler software to compile using remote computing resources, eliminating the need for users to procure, configure, or manage resources themselves and It improves the writing of the FPGA firmware with a great time-to-value flexible resource that can be scaled up or down quickly.

CAEN Server are hosted in Italy, Viareggio (IT), providing high levels of security and control.

Is the Sci-Compiler license a one-time fee, or per year?

The license of Sci-Compiler is a hybrid model between the one-time purchase and the subscription model. With a license of Sci-Compiler, you can use Sci-Compiler for as long as you want and install the minor and major updates for one year. If you wish to install a new update to Sci-Compiler and use Remote Customization Service after that, you will need to renew your license. Click here to learn more.

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